F.A.Q.’S | SepticKing
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Q: How can such small packets of Septic King really help my septic system?

A: In each Packet of Septic King there are hundreds of millions of bacteria. Each minute, every bacteria eats its weight in waste. These bacteria continue to double in number every half hour, and will multiply as they spread throughout the entire drain and septic system.

Q: Should the toilet be flushed after dropping the packet of Septic King into the bowl?

A: flush but wait 10 minutes before using the toilet or sink again. The enzymes and bacteria are deposited on the sludge coating the pipe. They embed themselves in the sludge over time so that when the toilet is flushed again, they will not be flushed out of the pipes.

Q: Does Septic King harm the environment?

A: Septic King does not harm the environment. The ingredients in Septic King are enzymes and bacteria which speed up the natural digestion of solid organic material. Septic King is not harmful to plants, animals or waterways.

Q: Does Septic King contain acid, lye, solvents, perfume or poisonous substances?

A: Absolutely not. None of these harmful substances are found in Septic King.

Q: What chemicals can I safely use with a septic system?

A: Biodegradable cleaners and soaps are safe to use. Read labels and do not flush or release the following chemicals down a drain; chlorine or bleach, disinfectants, harsh drain openers containing acids or caustics. Anti-bacterial items will kill the good bacteria in your system so don’t use them.

Q: How can drain openers be less effective than Septic King?

A: A healthy septic system is a live system of enzymes and bacteria that have been maintained over time.  If your septic system becomes clogged a drain opener will not solve the problem.  You may be in need of a pump out.

Q: If I use Septic King will I still have to have maintenance “pump outs” of my septic system?

A: Yes.  Septic King will keep your septic system healthy and help avoid odours and backup but it will not replace the need for a maintenance pump out.  Pumps outs remove the solid waste in your tank that build up over time.  Generally, when your tank is 1/3 full it will need a pump out. It may take 3-5 years as this depends on the use of the system but it will help maintain the life of the septic tank and leaching bed.

Q: What is the shelf life of Septic King?

A: Several years – if kept dry at room temperature.

Q: What if I am not satisfied with the results of Septic King?

A: Septic King comes with a 100% money back guarantee. please ensure all instructions were followed, and allow enough time for the product to begin working. Please contact us with any of your questions or concerns.


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